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Unravel the secrets of a Fallen Kingdom

Rune Fencer Illyia is an upcoming Action-Adventure game that will be launching

on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Explore an enormous, interconnected game world with over fifteen distinct areas, stuffed to the brim with hidden areas and secrets.
Fight over 140 unique creatures with swordplay and 80 different Runic spell combinations.
Collect Trinkets and steal Runes from enemies to create unique builds and different playstyles.
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A young Runist named Illyia of Moonstone wakes up in the debris of the airship she had been traveling on with her twin sister, Lilly.


She must explore the strange, ruined world that she's arrived in, locate her missing sister and find a way home.

However, things are never quite that easy as she unravels the secrets of a fallen kingdom and those who still wander it.

Master the Runic Arts of

Energy, Gravity, Space and Time

Energy Sigil

Strike objects to fill them with energy,

and watch them go flying in the direction of your sword blows!

Gravity Sigil

Manipulate Gravity to effortlessly walk on ceilings, or become immensely heavy, breaking through weak floors!

Space Sigil

Magnetize yourself to Lodestones, launching yourself across great distances!

Time Sigil

Focus your mind to stop Time itself for a moment, freezing enemies and hazards alike!

And Several Other Abilities!

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