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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to stream or make Rune Fencer Illyia videos when it releases? Can I monetize them?

Definitely! Nootbox Games grants free license to game owners and Press to use Rune Fencer Illyia in the creation and streaming of original media content. (e.g Let's Plays, reviews), as well as free license to monetize these works through advertising, stream donations or otherwise.

When is Rune Fencer Illyia releasing?

Sorry for the ol' gamedev cliche, but: when it's done™!

It's a huge game, and we're just a few people working out of a bedroom! Don't worry, we're working as hard as we can!

What languages will Rune Fencer Illyia be supporting?

As of right now, our initial release will be English. As development proceeds, and post-launch especially, we'll try to work towards localizing Rune Fencer Illyia as much as we're able to! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the game, after all!

Will Rune Fencer Illyia be released for [Platform?]

We're currently focusing on Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms during development; but if our budget allows for it, we want to bring it to as many platforms as we can.


Nootbox Games does not collect or store any player data through any of its software. When subscribing to the Mailing List or emailing Nootbox Games via the site’s contact form, the email address entered is collected and stored. This email address is only used to reply to the submitter, and is never distributed to or shared with any third party.

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